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Hi there! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Always Grumpy – all sorts of things get me going. I’m not totally one-dimensional – I’m Frequently Happy, Sometimes Sneezy, Often Dopey… but I’m almost Always Grumpy. It’s usually about I/T, where I make my living and spend unconscionable amounts of my time even at home. But maybe it’s about traffic or politics or friendship or family. Why? Because I trust human nature. We can count on ourselves to behave consistently badly. For thousands of years, as long as we’ve recorded our myths and legends and histories, our stories are overwhelmingly all about what’s happened when we’ve lied and cheated and stolen and killed and just been plain thoughtless. We’re greedy yet kind, envious yet loving, self-absorbed yet generous, and all of the above all at once. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s tragic, sometimes it’s just plain perverse; the only thing we can be sure of is it’s always very human.

So why am I blogging about any of this? Truth is, I’m only Rarely Bashful. I have lots to say about my petty frustrations and the world we live in, and I frequently say it. Sometimes my observations make people laugh or shake their heads; on a good day my utterings make people think. It makes me feel better to express my thoughts and feelings, so I do. And now that we’ve got the interwebs I can share my notions with more of you. My better half says I should, probably because she wants someone else to do some of the heavy lifting as my sounding board :-). So here I am, sharing random thoughts about I/T, traffic, politics, friendship and family. Enjoy!

alwaysgrumpy is Jonathan Gladstone,


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