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I am. My name is Jonathan Gladstone and I’m a computer engineer working in I/T and living in the Toronto area. I’ve been in the computer game since the late 1980s, which gives me something to be Always Grumpy about. But I’m not one-dimensional – I’m also Frequently Happy and several other characters you’ll learn about as you read my blog. Oh, and the tagline on my blog is the fault of Thomas Lee, an ITIL process manager at the BMO Financial Group. Enjoy!


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  1. Interesting, do you remember way back when you worked with me at that big IT company. Working with Jimmy O trying to get the bank to consider environmental costs when selecting servers, Electricity costs, cooling costs etc.. They would not build those costs into the business case.. I bet they do today!!!! we need to chat about my new business.. See if it generates a Blog idea


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