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Category Archives: Gasting Flabbers

“It’s new and it’s shiny! I want some! The cool kids all have it!” Unless you’re not yet quite six, hearing this kind of thing sets off all sorts of alarm bells. For me… well, it’s just another thing that makes me Always Grumpy.

Over the past week or so it’s occurred to me that some of our corporate decision-makers might have become infected with the Agile bug. It’s a horrible thing! Like some plants (or people) it’s exactly what you want in one small part of your metaphorical garden, and a noxious weed everywhere else. Read on, there’s a song coming up!

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Flabbergast!  What’s a Gasting Flabber?!?

I was in a meeting recently, having to do with a project I’m working on. It doesn’t matter what the project was about – it was I/T but it could just as easily have been building construction or political nominations or charity volunteer co-ordination anything else at all that involves several teams co-operating on a complex interwoven timeline. The point is that something came up that makes me Always Grumpy. So of course I have to write about it here.

For several days before this meeting I had spent a significant portion of my working time keeping up with our progress on this project. I read boring e-mails and wrote some of my own. I reviewed minutes and timelines and charts, oh my! I flipped through presentations and combed through spreadsheets. I invested a good deal of mental effort to make sure I was up to date, as one of course should.

The meeting was small and brief; just three of us including the chair, for only a half-hour to review a specific set of material. As the meeting started, our chairperson started reading aloud from one of my e-mails about this topic. With our short time in mind, I interrupted to say we didn’t need to hear him read my boring e-mail verbatim… but he responded that he needed to read it to review the material. Really!?! Read More »

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