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As we’ve heard, lots of things make me Always Grumpy. And after a long week at work I’m Often Dopey and a drink or two on Friday evening makes me Quite Sleepy. Spending time with my family helps me be Frequently Happy though, and a few months ago I got to spend a solid week with my wife and our two giant teen-aged boyz.

Our taller and elder boy is much taller than Dad – that’s me, and maybe that’s why I’m All Seven Dwarves. Taller Boy is finishing high school this year and planning to head off to live in residence at university next fall. Our shorter and younger boy is now only a little shorter than Dad and catching up fast. Shorter Boy will still be in high school, but if he gets his way he’ll be in residence at a boarding school that’s more than a handful of time zones away from home. So we thought we should take the opportunity to get in at least one more full-family vacation this winter. Carpe Diem, as they say!

We talked to those boyz about what kind of vacation we wanted. The first decision: cold weather or warm? The vote went unanimously to somewhere warm. Next decision: land or cruise? Since three of the four of us have issues with motion sickness, a cruise seemed risky. Land it is. Now: beach or adventure? We were a little torn about this. All of us wanted some relaxation time, but we all lack the lassitude it takes to sit in a plastic lawn chair for a week, no matter how good the passing bipedal scenery. J So we needed some sort of activities. But where? There are so many choices. Read More »


As a little boy I grew up in a city with a mighty and dominant hockey team. Not only did our team play in the (then much smaller) NHL, but they often won the highly-coveted Stanley Cup. And to top it off, they were profitable, so we never wondered from year to year if our team would stay in town.

Ah, those were the days! My uncle had a share in a pair of tickets in the nose-bleed seats; since my aunt and their daughters didn’t want to go with him all the time, sometimes he’d take a niece or nephew instead. It was so exciting! Our team was always competitive, almost always in the play-offs and often in the finals. Now, sadly, our team rarely even makes it into the second season that the play-offs have become in the enormously-grown NHL. It’s one of those things I’m Always Grumpy about. Read More »

So there I was recently in a confidential vendor briefing being presented with an upcoming product that promises to be the Holy Grail to systems capacity planners for all platforms. It was an interesting session but it’s a good thing it was in the morning: after lunch I’d have been Quite Sleepy. Doesn’t matter really, except for one little piece of one particular slide, which reminded me, as often happens, that I’m Always Grumpy.

The slide in question used a bunch of little click-art people in various roles to illustrate how much better a place the world will be and for whom, once we all just buy the vendor’s product. There was the Capacity Manager and the Service Manager, and a bunch of other people. Second from the left was the Cloud Admin. “The what?” I practically shouted it aloud. Here’s what that little piece of that page of the presentation looked like: Read More »

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